Christmas day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Right on Christmas, my cousin came back here in Penang to celebrate with me and shop a lil bit for CNY :)
We didn't do much, but I was strolling around 1st avenue and prangin thinking what to get stupid for his Christmas/Ann pressie~
Than we head to gurney, and found his pressie~
After done planning the pressie, that person asked me to wait for 3days than only I can collect the damn thing,
So yaa~ that present was obviously given later on ><
Seriously did nothing much in gurney, but took pics with "the globe"
U have to actually spend 500 bucks just to get into "the globe" how hilarious ><
I just took outside of it haha :D

If u guys followed my blog earlier, u would realize that I never, and I mean NEVER wear green color,
Or at lease mention the color "green"..
Because I really hate green color, I think It look hideous ><
But, my cousin sis, Rachel, she gave me this green dress like half a year ago,
And I can't find any occasion to wear it ><
So I wore it for Christmas instead haha~ like Christmas tree right?
I should wear more accessories than I look more like Christmas tree ! :D
I even change my hair's parting into center parting ==
I feel like its so not me on Christmas day like I hit my head or something,
Wear green, change center parting~ like I'm abit over high or something lol

I'm really starting to love using flash while taking pics :D

that humongous globe outside gurney >< don't mind me, I kow I look hideous in this pic...><

My cousin. ♥

That's pretty much it for my Christmas~ lol I have not much to write about ><

~It's amazing how u take everything so simple and easy..u never thought I'll be upset about it...celebrate after Christmas?
It didn't even happen.


Christmas eve :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

I was invited to Vernice's house for Christmas eve count down party together with Cheryl & Mindee~
They fetched me there and we reached quite early for the party, so we girls decided to buy some cookies ingredients to bake :D
Unfortunately, we can't find the cookie brand that Cheryl recommended so we ended up buying cupcakes ingredients as well ><
They instructions said : 1. Add 1/2 cup of water until it is moist.
2. Put it in the oven and bake for 15-20 mins.
So simple! But not too bad oso lar the taste :)

With loves ♥

pretty Mindee babe ♥

I love this pic ♥

We played around with my camera abit~ haha

Best shot of me of the day♥ thanks to my darl C! Loveeee her very muchie~

Babe Cheryl accidentally took this pic which I changed it into my blog header~ coz she said it looks very peaceful :D

Hahaha crazy me ><

My loveeee babe Cheryl ♥

I love this 2 picture !!! ♥ so playful ahahah

That's all for now :)

China trip part 3.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This post will be all about my trip to great wall~ nothing much to describe the building but old ><
We took the cable car there~ and the view is spectacular!
It was really cold there like negative degrees!! ><
And a day before that, it actually snowed in bejing, so when we reach the great wall on the 2nd day, there were bits of snow covered on the car, roof top and floor :D some 1 even slipped ><
There's pretty much nothing there~ but I found something that interest me,
There's a giant slide that delivers people from the top of the great wall to the ground! It's like soooo freaking long ><

Haiya I know I look very fugly with the cap lar >< but it's seriously cold there >< no choice!

Rocking in my new Nike ;)

That's pretty much for the great wall~
We also visited this street called "Wang fu jing" it's like bintang walk just bigger :D


Nike shoes DDD:::

guardian...? Hahaha

snoopy shop! Reminded me of someone ♥

once reached hotel, vain with baby's camera ;p

goodnight! ♥