My Sweet 16 ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My sweet 16 had past and i had a GREAT time with my crazy but lovely friends ;)
i rly rly need to thanks Lara n Amelia for accompanying me through whatever shit that i had...
i appreciated these few nights with u guys,
and of course, thanks to u i'm not afraid of horror movies that much no more :D
had dinner in smokey jacks,
the fresh oyster smells....familiar....XD

the chicken was good, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY
we had tequila shots babay ;)
my best night ever....<3 u guys so fucking much ♥

my best present ever ;)

i look...uh? drunk? haha XD

no one can ever replace u guys <3

ps: screw the ones that hurt us, u hurt my babes, i chop u into pieces!!
is that clear?! HAHA


Friday, January 21, 2011

Its been a long time since i vain on myself alot..
and i did something UNEXPECTEDLY BAD :/
i regret alot u know...for that f*ing cunt!
oh well...things are gone...FOREVER & i'm glad it happened when my babe is stil here
in Malaysia :)
things turn out to be unexpectedly well for me...
like my parents,
my babes [Jean, Ning, Lara, Melia, Sarah & other friends that calm me down on fb like grace & johnny :)]
and etc etc...
they helped me all along my painful experience
and accompanied me when i needed them..
all i can say is
i will never forget it in this life!

the other part of this post is...
since i'm in a new awsome school,
i have plenty of extra time to do other stuff,
so in that case,
i'm just warning..haha
i'll be blogging quite alot :P

anyways, I CANT WAIT FOR TML!!
meeting my long lost babes~ :D
till the next time ;)

Was waiting & waiting...and till now still waiting..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This morning,
once i open my asian eyes,
i took my phone n have a look...
*no msg*

Got ready for my rehersal,
locked the house door,
walked into the lift...
look at my stinking phone...
*no msg AGN*

walked in my dad's car,
sat in the back seat,
took out my phone and started texting...
*1 msg receive*

okay, at lease a reply~
after rehersal, went to eat,
sent another msg,
and agn
*1 msg received*
after 2 mins,
received another msg,
but not from who i looked forward to~

I found out that digi send me more msg than u do :D

after performance,
received another msg and
i get no shit after that~
so guess wat?
i've been waiting since 5pm til now

dont u realize how f*ing concern i am abt u?
so my bad.. i know,
dance is more important to u,
i din blame u for dancing~
but u din reply my msg for so friggin long and u were friggin online...
i was online too~
u din bother to chat with me

u know wat?
i'm through with it!!!

i've waste my time waiting~
u din care...
u din give a shit..
all u care abt are ur friends~
u want it,

2011 .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So its freaking 2011...
time pass by so fast and LOOK!!
i'm 16! lol
i thought it would be a wonderful year with
new school, new friends, new hw....etc
but how would i know that it wil suck worst than last year...
everything changed,
lara's gone :(
UEC gone :DDD (this is a good thing)
Ningabell is gone :(
And most inportantly...
Some of the things that i don't expect to change...
has already started to change...
i felt so much like a used tissue..
wait... TOILET PAPER!!!

dunno when is this gonna end..
or it might stay like this until we are over...?
i dun hope so..

i juz wanna ask u..
are u over me?