2011 .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So its freaking 2011...
time pass by so fast and LOOK!!
i'm 16! lol
i thought it would be a wonderful year with
new school, new friends, new hw....etc
but how would i know that it wil suck worst than last year...
everything changed,
lara's gone :(
UEC gone :DDD (this is a good thing)
Ningabell is gone :(
And most inportantly...
Some of the things that i don't expect to change...
has already started to change...
i felt so much like a used tissue..
wait... TOILET PAPER!!!

dunno when is this gonna end..
or it might stay like this until we are over...?
i dun hope so..

i juz wanna ask u..
are u over me?

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