Was waiting & waiting...and till now still waiting..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This morning,
once i open my asian eyes,
i took my phone n have a look...
*no msg*

Got ready for my rehersal,
locked the house door,
walked into the lift...
look at my stinking phone...
*no msg AGN*

walked in my dad's car,
sat in the back seat,
took out my phone and started texting...
*1 msg receive*

okay, at lease a reply~
after rehersal, went to eat,
sent another msg,
and agn
*1 msg received*
after 2 mins,
received another msg,
but not from who i looked forward to~

I found out that digi send me more msg than u do :D

after performance,
received another msg and
i get no shit after that~
so guess wat?
i've been waiting since 5pm til now

dont u realize how f*ing concern i am abt u?
so my bad.. i know,
dance is more important to u,
i din blame u for dancing~
but u din reply my msg for so friggin long and u were friggin online...
i was online too~
u din bother to chat with me

u know wat?
i'm through with it!!!

i've waste my time waiting~
u din care...
u din give a shit..
all u care abt are ur friends~
u want it,

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