After School~

Friday, February 25, 2011

Usually i dont hang out with friends after school,
but this year i've been going out hell alot...haha :D
today who did i go out with again?
the ultimate uber dance hottie~
Had lunch in Kim gary's n i was so full n bloat up,
till i couldn't expose my belly to the world~
watched a 18PL movie n i actually passed in :D

Its kinda freaky when they show dead bodies underwater...:/
and that part where the woman's head was half ripped ><
but the others were aight,
i had tears in my eye when the dad died ;(
so sad

neeway, back to reality~
after the movie, cam whore abit in da toilet. :)

i look so guai in these pics lar :D
haha~ :D

cam whore when i reach home :P

my >< face~

my belly ring :)

this reminded me of some1...but i dun rmb who :D

Orange O.O

i know i am DAMN VAIN :D
till the next time yo!


I miss eeeuuuu ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't think too much..
i dun miss anybody :D
i miss.....DANCING so freaking much!
i rmb i 1st started street dancing with ma girls in gawd..

2009 ultimaxx season 2~ DA INVISIBLES

2010 All About Fresh~ DISASTER
*ps getting hotter ey? ;)*

2010 Lady's Night in hardrock~ Me & YC
actually we havent think of a crew name....:D



Solo~ JX :)


check out my youtube channel for some of the performing vids~
i dun have them all though, but most of them :)
more up coming events....;)

PS: I admit that i'm a total brat, so i never give up till i get things that i dancing, more dancing & :)

Da beautiful mistake ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Went out with Lucas ytd n hang out kinda the whole day bliv or not ;D
actually i was suppost to go out with this friend but accident happened...
so i get to hang out with Lucas instead :)
luckily he was there if not i wouldn't know wat to do til late night~
we bought wenelle n mommy's bday present together =D
during dinner,
i was staring around the place n suddenly i found out that he was wearing the
same head band that i use to tie my hair on his wrist
n i started mocking him~ LOL

As for today..
me, WJX
woke up at 9 just to go to gym~
i pierced my belly so i couldn't not care abt the spare tyres right?
my belly doesn't hurt anymore,
i couldn't stretch at all ytd but i'm totally fine today :)
watch Burlesque in the evening and i fell in love with Christina's voice all over agn
the movie was so amazing that u dun even realize that its freaking 2 hours~
i love the glamorous feel n all the outfit so so much <3
speaking of movies,
i re-watch Step Up 3 last night...
i watched it in the cinema when it 1st came out,
n i love it that time...
but now...
i dunno~ i stil love the dancing stuff and all..
maybe its juz the feeling that bugs me..
sometimes things just dun go the way u wanted huh?
its been a month n it felt like forever.

the number "7"....haunts me everynight...

Dance for the BUS STAND. wtf .

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today i performed with my school dancing friends in school
for a BUS STAND.
i know right? WTF? hahaha :D
its kinda the opening for the new bus stand we hav in cdk,
so its a official ceremony that needs performance..
thats why our sch sent us up there to perform...LOL
we danced to this old song "月亮代表我的心" and its modern chacha dance~
at 1st i rly rly love the outfit coz its sparkly n pretty..
but our headmistress made us wear short jackets n tights to cover our "BODY"...
we looked like aunts...><
whatever~ its over anyway :D
i helped the girls with their hair n make up n i'm glad that they love it ;)

Jacqueline Chan ~


Valentines or valendance...? ♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So yesterday was officially the worse valentines day ever~
got screwed in school alot...:/
wasnt allowed to go out with yy~
and was celebrating with addmaths!
could u even imagine gawd ><
i was suppost to go on a date today..
i'm afraid i might cant let go off things that i should be letting go..
so i ditched the date for DANCING ;)
since i got dumped coz of dancing, i ditch u once for dancing is fair enough eh? :D
Grace invited me to go to Danzity's workshop with her,
so i was thinking why not? haha
n i cant bliv it!!
i met Vera & Ashley there!!
aww....i miss Disaster so much...
but i aint going back time to ><
and i even met aimee~! gawd that girl can moveeee !
Sam was teaching us for the workshop,
learnt Sweet Dreams by beyonce n it was AMAZING~
had a great time there ;))

For once i thought that i have hope for this year's valentine that i wont be alone like every year's....
but u have to ruin it....
i miss my kitty.....;(