After School~

Friday, February 25, 2011

Usually i dont hang out with friends after school,
but this year i've been going out hell alot...haha :D
today who did i go out with again?
the ultimate uber dance hottie~
Had lunch in Kim gary's n i was so full n bloat up,
till i couldn't expose my belly to the world~
watched a 18PL movie n i actually passed in :D

Its kinda freaky when they show dead bodies underwater...:/
and that part where the woman's head was half ripped ><
but the others were aight,
i had tears in my eye when the dad died ;(
so sad

neeway, back to reality~
after the movie, cam whore abit in da toilet. :)

i look so guai in these pics lar :D
haha~ :D

cam whore when i reach home :P

my >< face~

my belly ring :)

this reminded me of some1...but i dun rmb who :D

Orange O.O

i know i am DAMN VAIN :D
till the next time yo!


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