Da beautiful mistake ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Went out with Lucas ytd n hang out kinda the whole day bliv or not ;D
actually i was suppost to go out with this friend but accident happened...
so i get to hang out with Lucas instead :)
luckily he was there if not i wouldn't know wat to do til late night~
we bought wenelle n mommy's bday present together =D
during dinner,
i was staring around the place n suddenly i found out that he was wearing the
same head band that i use to tie my hair on his wrist
n i started mocking him~ LOL

As for today..
me, WJX
woke up at 9 just to go to gym~
i pierced my belly so i couldn't not care abt the spare tyres right?
my belly doesn't hurt anymore,
i couldn't stretch at all ytd but i'm totally fine today :)
watch Burlesque in the evening and i fell in love with Christina's voice all over agn
the movie was so amazing that u dun even realize that its freaking 2 hours~
i love the glamorous feel n all the outfit so so much <3
speaking of movies,
i re-watch Step Up 3 last night...
i watched it in the cinema when it 1st came out,
n i love it that time...
but now...
i dunno~ i stil love the dancing stuff and all..
maybe its juz the feeling that bugs me..
sometimes things just dun go the way u wanted huh?
its been a month n it felt like forever.

the number "7"....haunts me everynight...

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