My Sweet 16 ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My sweet 16 had past and i had a GREAT time with my crazy but lovely friends ;)
i rly rly need to thanks Lara n Amelia for accompanying me through whatever shit that i had...
i appreciated these few nights with u guys,
and of course, thanks to u i'm not afraid of horror movies that much no more :D
had dinner in smokey jacks,
the fresh oyster smells....familiar....XD

the chicken was good, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY
we had tequila shots babay ;)
my best night ever....<3 u guys so fucking much ♥

my best present ever ;)

i look...uh? drunk? haha XD

no one can ever replace u guys <3

ps: screw the ones that hurt us, u hurt my babes, i chop u into pieces!!
is that clear?! HAHA

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