Valentines or valendance...? ♥

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So yesterday was officially the worse valentines day ever~
got screwed in school alot...:/
wasnt allowed to go out with yy~
and was celebrating with addmaths!
could u even imagine gawd ><
i was suppost to go on a date today..
i'm afraid i might cant let go off things that i should be letting go..
so i ditched the date for DANCING ;)
since i got dumped coz of dancing, i ditch u once for dancing is fair enough eh? :D
Grace invited me to go to Danzity's workshop with her,
so i was thinking why not? haha
n i cant bliv it!!
i met Vera & Ashley there!!
aww....i miss Disaster so much...
but i aint going back time to ><
and i even met aimee~! gawd that girl can moveeee !
Sam was teaching us for the workshop,
learnt Sweet Dreams by beyonce n it was AMAZING~
had a great time there ;))

For once i thought that i have hope for this year's valentine that i wont be alone like every year's....
but u have to ruin it....
i miss my kitty.....;(

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