Cotton On :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

OMG!!! Almost got kicked out of the competition ><
but thank god yichuen saved it :D
was supposed to go shop for outfits today with yichuen,
but suddenly say we might not join the comp so..
cari sylvia to acc me go 1st avenue instead :)
its actually my 2nd time being in 1st avenue,
the 1st was with my previous school's dancers...
we went there to make up for performance XD
while waited for sylvia i got so bored,
i took a pic of the mocha latte i had in starbucks that tasted SO BAD ><

than when she arrived,
we walked over to komtar to go Exotic for piercing
i had my belly pierce there n it did not hurt or bleed as bad as others~
their tattoo's are awsome n well known as well :)

go check it out~

here is sylvia's piercing with the god damn smiley face :D

here's my strawberry :))

we also had yogurt in roti boy...HAHA!! its lame but i'm desperate so ya...:D

cam whore in the toilet :)

JX~ my initial **


til the next time :)

The comeback for Cyxtarz ♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

Planned to check out the comp info's in KDU today with my beloved dance partnerr
Yichuenn :))
once i reach her house, i saw yijia walking out, n she was like the gate has no electricity, so cannot open.
i was like ohh okay~ i din noticed yichuen's car was inside the house...
until when i go in, she was like WE CANT GO OUT YET ARRRR!!
i was like wonder yijia tolsd me the gate tak boleh open ><
SLOW MAN!!! :D hahahaha

went out quite late coz of the damn gate~ LOL
than after kdu,
terus pi QB coz yichuen need to get something~
and guess who we met???
DANNY!!! my ex-school's computer teacher :D

ACT CUTEEE yierrrrrr :D

we chat alot abt yijia n her pinching skills :D
were hangin in J&CO DONUTS for a around 30 mins than go home leerrr~
din shop at all coz lack of time plus my exam is next week!
shit man......
gonna get screw by all my teachers especially the 3 pure science teacher...
i'm scared of who u know?
my physics teacher.........;(
haih~ forget abt it larh...i'll juz do my best~

nail colour of the day~ the pink nail colour Cheryl bought me!!
so friggin pretyyyyy ♥

April is a busy busy month,
dunno wether i hav time for blogging ya~
might blog after the event :D haha!!
til the next time ppl!!!



Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Cheryl, Mindee & I planned this whole outing thingy coz we cant stand the fact that we're having exam next week~ wth rite? haha
Meet up with cynthia 1st n watched the movie The Battle of LA coz of penguin.
HE DRAGGED US ALONG...but it was a very "che gong" movie to watch actually, not bad :D
after that MAC's promoter tried a neon hot pink lipstick on me n i think i'm in love with my own lips from that very moment....:D

after applying the neon pink colour ;)

after that, bumped into cheryl in lovely lace~
and 10++ ppl joined us....some had some issues that made me n Cheryl well, had that awkward feeling~ ><
oo~ n i met a pretty chick! Zoanne, she can sing so well~ :D
Cheryl present me this rly adorable nail polish~ LOVE IT <3

my nail colour of the day was hot pink~



didnt get to hang in straits quay with them coz daddy was in a hurry,
n yichuen oredi reached my house ><
so yeaaa~
hope to hang the next time with them :)
till the next time ppl !!


Wonderful Sunday :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

went to my previous sch's charity fair today :)
chat with most of the friends there..not all coz all busy~ haha!
alot of hotties went back too!!!!

Jeslyn drawing the cat on my hand

the outcome :)

Oops & Uh Oh :)))

Jasni & my kitty paintings :D
I love it!! thxx to jeslyn

Yixin~~~ hottie!

Peijinggg n her extreme face :D

Yichuen!!!!!!!! I miss this woman!! :D

Yijia~ she's sooooooo soooooo pretyyy
*felt honored to take pic with her man*

Yik ting~ another uber hottie!!!!! so so so pretyyyyy !
*also very honored :D *

Yisha~ she looks so sweet :))

Peiyan~ i wanna have her eyes! shooo huge n round :D

YY~ cute cute mei mei :)

Agnes~ she's busy but i nge nge wanna take pic...haha!

After the rly HOT charity fair..
followed babe's car to gurney~
din give a shit abt the super star Anthony :D hahahaha
i dun even know who is he..LOL
so i went to watch Beastly with my babe instead~

Vanessa's so so pretty in the movie!!
after movies, sat outside mcd being lifeless n watch the gang do some rly rly stupid things...lmfao!
din camwhore myself today, coz i look so fugly...XD
hahaha! :D


My full day schedule ~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This morning, i was suppost to wake up at 7am n go parkour with kasper n yujin..
but then i thought of my laziness n i'm gonna hang with Lucas n the gang afterwards.
so yea i din go in the end..LOL
i can hardly wake up at 7!!! hahaha
curled my hair abit,
get myself all dolled up [ learnt from Grace :D ]
and went off to gurney~

hang around with Lucas & " the gang"
too many ppl from it so i lazy type...:D
chat more than the last time with Melia [ aka the pretty japanese looking chick ]
she's rly rly nice!
shereen is juz so cute :D
din do much rly...but i drank a whole lot of drink which made me feel so f* up~
went to winter warmers n juz chill there...LOL
met gini at the gsc entrance!! stil so gorjuz :)
n went to the arcade in the end...haha dun ask me why! not a big fan of it,
but some friends wanted to go play so aight..wateva :D

Miku faceeeee ♥

Rushed home at 5...
clean myself up n rush to performance~
reached the place kinda late...><
start getting busy...i gotta help 5 of my girls to make up.
gosh~ busy like hell ><

our TOOL boxes :D



Yik ting



All 6 of us

camwhore with some of my friends who dun usually make up that often...
or maybe u could say they dun make up AT ALL









& 3 rly random pretty girls from my sch :)


Bam~! i look old ==

xoxo Jxhiaa