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Friday, March 25, 2011

Planned to check out the comp info's in KDU today with my beloved dance partnerr
Yichuenn :))
once i reach her house, i saw yijia walking out, n she was like the gate has no electricity, so cannot open.
i was like ohh okay~ i din noticed yichuen's car was inside the house...
until when i go in, she was like WE CANT GO OUT YET ARRRR!!
i was like wonder yijia tolsd me the gate tak boleh open ><
SLOW MAN!!! :D hahahaha

went out quite late coz of the damn gate~ LOL
than after kdu,
terus pi QB coz yichuen need to get something~
and guess who we met???
DANNY!!! my ex-school's computer teacher :D

ACT CUTEEE yierrrrrr :D

we chat alot abt yijia n her pinching skills :D
were hangin in J&CO DONUTS for a around 30 mins than go home leerrr~
din shop at all coz lack of time plus my exam is next week!
shit man......
gonna get screw by all my teachers especially the 3 pure science teacher...
i'm scared of who u know?
my physics teacher.........;(
haih~ forget abt it larh...i'll juz do my best~

nail colour of the day~ the pink nail colour Cheryl bought me!!
so friggin pretyyyyy ♥

April is a busy busy month,
dunno wether i hav time for blogging ya~
might blog after the event :D haha!!
til the next time ppl!!!


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