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Sunday, March 27, 2011

OMG!!! Almost got kicked out of the competition ><
but thank god yichuen saved it :D
was supposed to go shop for outfits today with yichuen,
but suddenly say we might not join the comp so..
cari sylvia to acc me go 1st avenue instead :)
its actually my 2nd time being in 1st avenue,
the 1st was with my previous school's dancers...
we went there to make up for performance XD
while waited for sylvia i got so bored,
i took a pic of the mocha latte i had in starbucks that tasted SO BAD ><

than when she arrived,
we walked over to komtar to go Exotic for piercing
i had my belly pierce there n it did not hurt or bleed as bad as others~
their tattoo's are awsome n well known as well :)

go check it out~

here is sylvia's piercing with the god damn smiley face :D

here's my strawberry :))

we also had yogurt in roti boy...HAHA!! its lame but i'm desperate so ya...:D

cam whore in the toilet :)

JX~ my initial **


til the next time :)

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