Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Cheryl, Mindee & I planned this whole outing thingy coz we cant stand the fact that we're having exam next week~ wth rite? haha
Meet up with cynthia 1st n watched the movie The Battle of LA coz of penguin.
HE DRAGGED US ALONG...but it was a very "che gong" movie to watch actually, not bad :D
after that MAC's promoter tried a neon hot pink lipstick on me n i think i'm in love with my own lips from that very moment....:D

after applying the neon pink colour ;)

after that, bumped into cheryl in lovely lace~
and 10++ ppl joined us....some had some issues that made me n Cheryl well, had that awkward feeling~ ><
oo~ n i met a pretty chick! Zoanne, she can sing so well~ :D
Cheryl present me this rly adorable nail polish~ LOVE IT <3

my nail colour of the day was hot pink~



didnt get to hang in straits quay with them coz daddy was in a hurry,
n yichuen oredi reached my house ><
so yeaaa~
hope to hang the next time with them :)
till the next time ppl !!


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