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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I don't remember having a blogpost abt my haul~
so i think this is my 1st :D
For this month i updated my nail polish collection & also my makeup bag
which is also called my painting bag ;)
took amber's advice n went to check out a new korean brand~
Nature Republic
its pretty awsome that its a korean brand, its not that pricey & the quality is amazing :)

i spent around 100++ on these
Blemish lab BB cream with spf, bronze single eyeshadow, gel liner with brush, love tinted balm, face mask, and the knife to shape brows~ haha

honestly, some of u might think oh my gawd 100+ is like so darn expensive n shit~
but come to think of it,
its not.
haha~ i mean the other places sell a tube of BB cream for like 100+
n i bought so many shit stuff for the similar price with a quite good quality~
the gel liner reminds me of the 1 from Lioele,
it has the portable brush on top aswell,
so we wont rly need to bring extra brush for it,
or lose the brush too~
After getting those stuff i registered as a member there haha~

and they gave me this horrible looking bag bcoz i spent over 100~
*no offence to Rain lovers...i dun fancy him as much XD*

than i got my new nail colours today :))
the white n red 1 reminds me of Burlesque i dunno y...hahaha
the O.P.I is a gift from melia <333

wateva's pink in my bag today ~



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