My Footsteps to the past...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Was thinking about the old days during the empty period in sch today..
i thought of High school musical live in auto city performed by me n frens..
Chitz, my performing group with Lara, Gini & Gemi :)
i suddenly missed being a child...haha
after missing all the good times...
i decided to share with u guys :D HAHA!
*PS: pls dun laugh at the pics...i know they're funny but juz dun laugh*

1995~ Baby me ;)
a few months old~

1996~ 1 year old~
me, my christmas tree n my mickey mouse :D

1997~my 2 year old bday party :)
*sorry..abit blur ><*

1998~3 year old genting trip

1999~ 4 year old bday party

2000~ 5 year old snow white role play

2001~ 6 years old Cinderella's step sister role play...
me & gemi were the twin step sis :D
I'm the 1 in purple !

2002~ standard 1 swimming in gurney hotel

2003~ 8th bday with goh you, jia hui, Vivien & Jesline :))

2004~ Singapore trip
i was afraid of the ya....:D

Choir trip to Pahang deborah n pretty piano player

Auto city Chitz performance...
HAHA our video cd :D

Outing with Kasper, Vic & Wenny :D

2007~ Graduation trip
Spider man's Flying coaster with Jason.L, Gemi, Wenling :D

Entered the Bro Sis Group thingy..;D so called "BS"
From left:(below)Gemi, Lara, Aimee, Gini, Jay, ME, Jolene & Ryan.

BS in formal~
from the left: Lara, Gini, Gemi, Jolene, Aimee, Ryan, ME & Jay.

2008~ Form 1 *starts to vain*

2009~ Form 2
Chitz in Holiday inn Nobody performance :)

Bali Trip...WAS A BLAST ♥

2010~ 15 year old :)
Chitz Interact Club performance

My wildness Coming out.....:D

Lara's Fabulous 15 ;)
where everything started perfectly wrong~
From the left: Amelia, Lara, ME, Kath, Gini, Gemi & Wenling.

Jowee's Bday party
The standing 1s from left: YY, Wenling, Jeslyn, Zhuyi, Jasni
The sitting 1s from left: ME, Liying, Amber, Peijing, Jowee :)

Primary Gathering
*Celebrating MR.LOW's bday*

2011~ JX
New room~

Sorry ya....i know this post is friggin LONG....:D
too many pics n memory..hehe
till the next time!

Jxhia ♥

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