Wonderful Sunday :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

went to my previous sch's charity fair today :)
chat with most of the friends there..not all coz all busy~ haha!
alot of hotties went back too!!!!

Jeslyn drawing the cat on my hand

the outcome :)

Oops & Uh Oh :)))

Jasni & my kitty paintings :D
I love it!! thxx to jeslyn

Yixin~~~ hottie!

Peijinggg n her extreme face :D

Yichuen!!!!!!!! I miss this woman!! :D

Yijia~ she's sooooooo soooooo pretyyy
*felt honored to take pic with her man*

Yik ting~ another uber hottie!!!!! so so so pretyyyyy !
*also very honored :D *

Yisha~ she looks so sweet :))

Peiyan~ i wanna have her eyes! shooo huge n round :D

YY~ cute cute mei mei :)

Agnes~ she's busy but i nge nge wanna take pic...haha!

After the rly HOT charity fair..
followed babe's car to gurney~
din give a shit abt the super star Anthony :D hahahaha
i dun even know who is he..LOL
so i went to watch Beastly with my babe instead~

Vanessa's so so pretty in the movie!!
after movies, sat outside mcd being lifeless n watch the gang do some rly rly stupid things...lmfao!
din camwhore myself today, coz i look so fugly...XD
hahaha! :D


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