1st Debating experience...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Officially represented cdk and went to porthay school for debate competition,
with kimberly and carin :)
kimberly had watched the debate comps b4 a few years ago i think..?
but i'm not sure abt carin~
carin's sister carmen helped us alot with the script and points,
without her help we be dead honestly ><
worst than losing..juz got no points on stage XD
we competed with sri mutiara this year..
n i was so bad i go call ppl's sch koyak school at 1st...><
but they won lar in the end, so i was like WHO'S THE KOYAK SCHOOL NOW??
hahaha!!! mock my own school pulak :D
the debaters from sri mutiara was rly good, very calmed..
but we were panicking man...haha!

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