Kath's sweet 16 ♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's such a long long time since i meet up with Kath and some other long lost friends :D
well i met most of them during kath's sweet 16 in 32 mansion~
thank god my darlings Cheryl & Mindee were there with me...
if not i wouldnt know who to mingle with,
besides Lucas :D haha!!
we cam whored like we promised,
and i'm luvin all the pics!! ♥

Vaining with mindee's phone :P

Cheryl~ me~ kath~ mindee ♥

Kath~tasha~*i dun know her name ><~ mindee~ cheryl~me~kitty :D

Kath~mindee~cheryl~me~kitty :)

I'm luvin this pic ♥

hahaha! cheryl's hyper moment :D

where's ur face cheryl?!

we were actually in da toilet ><

the bday chick! :)

Hannah~ mindee~ me~ cheryl
its dark :(


we're just starting ppl....:D hahaha!


oh gawd i'm retarted :D


Shocked :O


hawtie ♥

pretty geh geh~ ;)

i ♥ u guys!


He looks so so so good that night ;)

orange~ lol

My Baby love ♥

My old budddyyyy! gemikinzzz~


girls vaining <3

Partyingg and partyinggg~

alot of pics i know :D
til the next time readers :)


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