~MLTR concert~

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last year i worked with my friends as ushers during air supply's concert~
this year, i worked as MLTR concert's usher aswell ;)
it wasnt as fun as last year honestly...haha :D
maybe coz of the awkwardness
and the crowd aint as hyper as last year's.
i think its because it clashed with justin bieber's concert...><
thats y the crowd kinda sucked ~ LOL


iris~may may~ yikwen~ me :))

yik wen, iris, amber, me <3

almost died once i reached home...><
was so freaking tired!!!
haha :D
nothing rly special on that very day..
so there's pretty much nothing to write about..LOL
tml will be more photos ;)


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