Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Okay, don't laugh....but i joined Vogue for virtue's model search :D
i know i'm abit...SHORT~
but its juz for fun..never thought i would enter top 30 though~

Having my hair-do :)

my final look with yichuen~

Chien ming n meeee ;D

my sch senior :)

and as for the photo shoot~
i look fat.....><

during the semi finals, we had cocktail dinner wear as theme~
n i borrowed my dress from Gini~ :D
i dun hav proper dresses ><
n i was paired up with a random guy i dunno for the couple catwalk..lol

my final look for the semi-finals :D

Me n yichuen <3

met this really pretty girl name vivi~

i look retarted though ><

Grace~~~ :)

On stage~ solo catwalk

Couple walk~

Models n me the midget :D
Janice is sooooo prettyy~


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