Back on blogger ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I was having mid term exams so i din exactly have the time to blog~
now that its over, I'M BACK ;)
got my long long hair layered...
like rly rly layered ><
and i'm freaking loving it~

and guess who's in the youth talent semi top 25 list?
Yours trully ;D haha!
i wanna thanks everybody for supporting me and the ones that promoted HARD for me~
especially Lulu & Geh geh ♥
thank you guys so muchhhh i appreciate it alot!

and i just finish watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 16,

she is my fav among all of the models,
she's juz soooo pretty, i love her attitude and all~

she's so freaking awesome!!

gawd, i gotta start preparing for the youth jam semi,
and also the damn my school rocks dance comp == zzz
WHYYYY?? i din ask for the my school rock comp wei...
but gonna go kay-elle first.
so freaking tired...:/

anyways.....KAY-ELLE HERE I COME BABAY! ;))


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