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Thursday, June 9, 2011

i watched Kungfu Panda2 with my niece and nephews! :)

before going out for movie,
i fool around with my niece's toys :D hahaha!

okay, now i'm ready for the movie!! haha :D

the 2nd day, which is today, we went to the Sunway Lagoon :D
whoo i didnt rly dare to swim coz i dun wanna get sun burn nor dark skin ><
1st pic before swimming!

Wonder mushroom LOL

at wave pool, the 1st pool i've seen with sea waves ><

that bloody thing splashed me with a bunch of water without my knowing at 1st ==

went to the kid's section, to watch them~
the water levels there are roughly a few inches high ONLY ==

went to the fake beach~
than happens to hav fake sands ><
but they stil enjoy it there~
i have no idea why....LOL

they also have a fake surfing place~
how wonderful for kl ppl, although they dont have real beaches but they have these~ :D

i went to arock slide thingy and i hurt my bum ==
of all normal slides i have to go that 1 n hurt myself...
gah~~ it freaking hurts so badly ;((
while waiting for u,

1st i'm like this--

than continue waiting for u like this--

finally i'm like this--

I <3 U


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