Big Disaster much..?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Woots...i had fun during youth jam's semi finals ;)
met LOADS of old/cute/HAWT friends~
as well as dancing buddies...hehe
although i din made it into the finals for the talent search,
but its stil kinda worth it for me to join,
u know juz hav fun on stage :)
it took the photographers ages to upload the pictures,
so i don't have it with me nor the video :/
will post it up once i got it~ ;)

i enjoyed my time during the BBQ party with Lucas, Cheryl, Mindee, Melia & the others :D
they are super fun to hang with although annoying at times ~ haha!!
i came back to KL on Monday,
and the faced worst trip experience EVER!

So me n my beloved cousin bought the 4p.m bus tickets to One-U in Komtar,
than we reached there early at around 3,
so i went to the post oofice to settle my house water bill shit.
but i have to wait for roughly 30++ person ==
in my mind i'm repeating--WTF.
but i just kept it to myself, some brainless moron shouted at the workers:
" 5 counters but only 2 donkeys working, WOW malaysia boleh "
because there's only 2 workers working for 5 bloody counters .
okay, so i bared that with my cousin.
and than we went to prangin mall to shop abit,
and when we reach the bus station, the bus was gone...!!!
i was thinking nah its aight, the bus wil be at the Sungai Nibung bus station so we took taxi there.
but once we reached there, got on the bloody bus,
they replaced some1 to hav our sits...==
i dun give a damn, i came all the way from komtar and i am having my seat!
and yeah...everything was settled than, sshh~ we din mention a thing to our parents..haha!

my cousin :)

i'm currently staying in klang with my niece and nephews~
and i found my long lost dollies! haha :D
Sailormoon~ & My Scene

Swan lake....==
she used to be beautiful i tell niece ruined her!!

and rapunzel...USED TO BE THE PRETTIEST!! where is her hairrrr??

i miss my dollies...;(
hahaha MY GAWD
they used to haunt me at night....LOL

more updates coming soon ;)

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