Kay elle part 1 :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So i came to kay elle last friday,
cause my mom was sick, so i acc her here~
while my mommy's in the hospital resting me, my cousins n aunts visited her a few times~ :)
at lease she's better now~ thank god :)
i shopped alot as well :P
BIG SPENDER! yup thats my new nickname~
i had my beloved tutti fruity too!!

bought tons of magazines and read some really old school manga's LOL
hahahaha! i dun own the manga BTW ><

and had a drink which is amazingggg

chilled in "Chat time" in sunway after shopping for TONS of stuff that cost me BOMBS

visited my baby nephew n niece!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
they are triplets!!

1st baby bro

2nd baby bro
*aka my boyfriend :P*

3rd baby sister

they are soooooo freaking adorable!
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staying in kl for the rest of my holidays and give up talent show?
i am coming back to penang tomorrow to ROCK the youth jam stage ;)
counting down for youth jam babay!!!
and i'll see u in the semi-finals readers~ **


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