Me & my busy retarded life ;D

Monday, June 20, 2011

Been busy for the youth jam and mommy's operation the last time~
and yes, the photos of my semi final's performance are out :)

took them a long time to upload the pics haha :D
and now i'm busy with the Disney's my school rocks dance competition..
yes a very big shocker this time that i have to choreograph for my own team..
and its not going to be as pro...XD
that i promise u guys~ LOL
Jacqueline came over to my place and head over to studios after school and end up in gurney ~ :)

cartwheel ;P

pampered myself with soothing mask :P

i am not pale....juz abit colourless..XD

yes, i am vain, this is me. what u gonna do abt it? :P
more training photos coming up REAL SOON~


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