Never thought I'm so brave..

Monday, July 4, 2011

I dunno what's got into me recently,
i became so aggressive and i literally dun give much shit about what others think anymore..haha! :D
i went out with gemikinzz yesterday,
and i decided to go get my piercing done...AGAIN.
this time i got me-self a pair of hips piercing! :)
i love it~ <3 its so one of a kind lol
went to Exotic to get it done and when i requested it, den's bro seemed to be abit bothered coz he never tried piercing anybody's hips before.
and next thing u know, my hips don't have much meat and he cant use the thong thingy to clip it..
like what gemi said, not enough SEXY LAYERS
so he ended up using free hand D:
i know it sounds very painful, but it isnt~
and it heals surprisingly fast!
my belly took me months,
this took me 2 days~ :D

the 1st piercing went through!! :D

finished wearing jewelry

getting the other side done!

after 2 years, we met once again! haha
we've known each other since 4 and yes, our looks change quite alot, but our attitude and "siao kuan" remain the same >< hahaha
while in exotic, i felt so nervous....:D
she was singing all the time to calm me~ haha

awww...i miss hanging out with this girl~ ♥
we're both so BRAVE! hahaha

I seriously have big legs....haih...FATSO UR GOING DOWN!!! :D


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