Exams over!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i neglected my blog for a few weeks coz of bloody exam ><
and many things happened...
i rly dont know how to list it all out, i dont even know how am i gonna continue living my life with all this shitty things in my head..
its been a while since i've been really happy.
and guess wat? nobody cares the shit outta me even my own mother...
so i'm giving up 2 things that i thought i love the most..
you and dancing.
i deactivated my fb acc today,
bcoz i dun wanna ruin my holiday mood while stalking you and seeing you moving on with other ppl bcoz i havent...and i dont think i will.
competitions and performance are coming up soon..
and i think i cant focus on what i do anymore bcoz i've been so fucked up.
thank you once again, for being in my life twice.
and hurt me twice as much..
good bye.


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