Recovery mode.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Its finally saturday, and i planned to chill in gurney with all my lovely babes and darlings~

outfit of the day~

Nail colour of the day~

Ring of the day~

met many many lovely friends! ♥
and i even acc Kath to pierce her ears,
I pierced my helix for 2 times already and this is the 3rd ><
my gawd...but oh well~ haha!
after sometime, me, cheryl & hannah felt rly bored and we went to check out redbox, and thank god it aint as pricey as we thought it would be
than everybody kinda gathered there~
i din stay long in redbox though..
Mindee acc me to cut my hair and had a chit chat time :)
than me and lucas went to have CHAT TIME ~ hehe ♥

And i'm a good daughter, so i acc my mom to have dinner in gurney,
than she went to find her friend~
and i went to find my friends in sega aswell.
camwhore there abit haha :D

Cheryl geh ♥

Wong Jxhia drinking?!
c'mon lar, like give me a break,
i was depress for 2 on recovery mode ya know? ;)

owen and cheryl~~
Adorable people! ♥

Reid and his perasan-ness~ :D

Mindee~Reid~Kevin~ME~Cheryl ♥
I like this picture! haha

Cheryl~Reid~Kevin :D

Me~ Reid~ Kevin :)
some gayness going on..........o.O
Awkward~ haha

camwhored with Cheryl & Gemi while waiting for mom :)
I love both of them!
They are sooooo pretty...but i have my big fat face stuck there ><

Baby Gemiiiii~

All of us in the car~

right after we sent Gemi & Kimi home,
My mom brought me & Cheryl to hang around batu ferringhi night market~
too bad Mindee can't join us :(
i felt bad for her for kena marah....:(
hope that there's a next time for all 3 of us :)

and lastly,

The other day i was freaking emo about everything,
but, i actually moved on.
but it took many things to actually distract me away from thinking,
i have to train my dance non stop,
i watch taiwan drama with cheese cake all day..
i went to the gym to run for 30 minutes non stop as in, not jog, but RUN.
after jog-

i even drew myself which is perasan i know~

i finally gave it up.
a year...passed by so fast~
i din even notice it,
its just like ytd when we first met and you jumped off stage to confess to me..
now its all over,
and those are left out unwanted sweet memories.


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