Satuday Activities ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Went to school for the girl guides activity,
they prepared station game for us, and luckily my friend and i were the helpers,
so we dont have to play all the disgusting stuff and embarrass ourselves,
we were in charge of 1 of the station and we prepared ice, black ink, salt, and keys...wondering what kind of nasty games we prepared? ;)
while preparing we were trying to figure out how to break ice into pieces, so we ended up throwing them ><

midget ME when observing the them throwing ice

Run away!!!

we mix all the things we preapred together in the "tong"
and throw the keys in it, the purpose of the salt is to make the ice in the water even cooler and the ink is just for the dirtiness ><
people are suppost to find keys in there..and yeah thats pretty much it haha

the other station game was right next to ours,
so we could actually observe ppl shaking their asses to make the ping pong balls drop from the box they tied around their waists.
haha! like laying eggs leh, just that faster :D

Shake it mma shake ittt :D

Thanks to the awesome photographer,
My beloved Tud Tud ♥

and Pei Er :)

per er captured some rly interesting pictures...

what do you think..?
we think too much? I HOPE SO.

and below,
are my camwhore pics as usual :P
trying to act cool, but epic failed,
i look BLUR instead ><
but i like my hair here haha!

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