Winter Shopping!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Daddy and mommy already confirmed that we're going to Beijing during this end of the holiday, so me and mommy went for a little winter shopping.
Why winter shopping?
Because by the time we're there, it will be winter, and lao niang here never been to a place with snow, pretty sampat i know...haha LOL
and because its our 1st trip to somewhere with REAL SNOW,
we have to buy every single thing from head to toe ==
we went to Queens and ended up shopping all night, and caused our parking ticket 4 ringgit ==

Spot my mini dream catcher necklace? and my mom? HAHA :D

Fragrance of the day--Britney Spears Radiance

Ribbon shoesss :)

Shopping Bags!!!

bought 2 sweater, hot pink 1 is mine, white 1 is mom's~ plus a adorable cap :D

You guys must be wondering, what on earth is this...? FUR BALL?!


anyways, bought 2 winter clothings, white and purple, yes i know, i betrayed pink, but c'mon i look fat in light pink and there's no hot pink ! ><
and the cute cap i got ~

And mommy also got me a new luggage in purple~
the pink ones are bloody tiny, so i got purple AGAIN ><

and hello, what do we have here?
how could you go shopping and come back with no new shoes??
me n mommy each got 1 pair,

mine's the beige 1, mommy's 1 is the brown 1

everything we bought is so furry! :D hahaha
i finally "BLINGED" my i-baby and also changed the cover
the Juicy couture cover~

the after "BLINGED" cover
front view

back view

i love it haha :D
and now, its my camwhore section~

goodnight ppl~

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