Busy holiday.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Its been a week of holiday for me,
but I hardly feel relaxed at all :/
was busy preparing for the kpop competition with my dear Lynn, Liang liang & Minyi ♥
they are the BEST DANCE CREW i've been in to be quite honest,
i had lots of fun with them,

we even planned how our eye make up is gonna be like, and i actually drew a sample eye and edit it with my phone.
i gotta admit that my editing skills rocks ;)

while between all these crazy tiring training days,
i had a performance with my school's leo interact club in chung ling high school
and it wasn't so bad i guess?
we had a great time on stage performing-- The Lazy Song, Sweet dreams & G6.
its funny that i performed 3 times this year for the leo interact club both representing and not representing the school, but i'm not even a leo member.
some of my friends even thought that my parents were lions. LOL

me & my beloved fei zai vaining before performance~
we were testing all our wonderful i-baby photo apps :)

i helped them with their make up :)

me vaining with fei zai's purple glasses~
decided to get 1 after that..haha :D

our opening song~ the lazy song!

our ending pose~
BAM my split ;)

i watched The Glee Concert 3D with lucas in gurney after my performance~

Damn it i love Brittany's performance~ I'M A SLAVE FOR YOUUU ♥

I also love this gay guy ;)

and last but not least.
PICTURE OF THE POST, somehow it doesn't make any sense but stil,
every posts of mine gotta have a vain section for me,
so here it is ;)

till the next post~

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