Merdeka celebration~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our school's headmistress is a very patriotic person.
she insists MY CLASS to perform patriotic songs on stage with TRADITIONAL COSTUMES ON.
at 1st i planned to skip school because i dont wanna face the fact that i have to wear traditional outfits..but oh well, it only took us 3 period~
guess what i wore??
NOPE. not cheong sam...i'm not a fan of cheong sam as i'm SHORT.
shockingly, i wore baju kurung~

Check out my shiny watch and the holy light behind :D

retarded me rubbing my eyes ><

The cutest girl in the whole entire school~
Peh khimmmm ♥

Kimmy and peh khim~

Kimmmmmm ♥

Lichin~ :)

Darling Von ♥

I heart this pic~

Jiaqi & Shu han :)

check me out~
i'm the only 1 looking at the camera....haha ;)
the camera loves meee~ ;P

darling Minyi~ ;)
the extreme GL 1 in our sch~
and also the tallest girl in my kpop dance group FUSION :)

train the kpop dance without shoes and ended up hurting myself....><
my gawd~ the whole skin came off!

while training~ minyi trying to run away from my camera :D

whoooo~ 2 more days till the finals of kpop ;)
i'm excited yet nervous...
bcoz i've never worked with yeeliang, minyi & lynn~
i'm always used to pair up as a dance group with yichuen...haha
so its kinda new and fresh for me :D
this saturday's showcase will be a bit different YET the same...~ hehe
curious? come to gurney and support FUSION ♥


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