Sick and tired.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

after a month,
i finally finished the kpop competition and my trainings..
and i finally fell sick ==
been busy for so long, i din even get to rest~
Anyways, I've started training for 2 other dance performances AGAIN..haha
n it's shockingly with danzity's most amazing girl dancers ;)
Performed at dell's company in the morning and sunway convention centre at night~ I gotta admit that the morning performance is waaayy better than the night 1..>< bcoz all of us did mistakes at night~ haha! All kpop songs...kinda annoying yet funny for performance don't u think?
Meee after dell's performance :)

Eva and her pink laptop <3

Sam and fiin doing their makeup :)

Too tired and fell asleep in oldtown ><

Nobody shiny outfit ><

Pretty eva :)

After the next day, dear lucas came over my place to study, but unfortunately my "monthly pain" arrived == so I ended up sleeping all day like a dead person~
Thank god I have both my mother and my boyfie to take good care of me~ I feel the love yo <3


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