Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween people! :)
I didn't exactly go to a Halloween party this year bcoz i aint feeling so well..
my monthly pain has arrived unexpectedly.
and my boyf is mean enough to leave me alone so ya :P
But i was thinking that halloween only happen once a year so i was trying on a halloween look even though i aint going no where HAHA. syiok sendiri..i know right?
Tried on a lion look, kinda failed..haha every1 says I look more like a kitty ><
these are pretty all i need for the look~

i'm pretty happy with the outcome~ :)
its a cute yet sexy look for halloween.


thanks to my beloved boyfie~ he pinkified my baby-i ♥
and i love it so much!!

And i was spending my empty time watching wizards online and sewing my pencil case with my initial on~ :)


2 new shoes in a week ;)
thankiew mommy for the new bling bling purple kicks~ ♥

thankiew boyf for the killer heels ♥


Sleepover :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kimmy slept over at my place yesterday bcoz we planned to go out today but no one can fetch her out. so she just came over and we hang out together with Daphne today :)

Check out the retarted me~
BTW, i was wearing shorts! ><
We had the sticky my boyf gave me and smarties while chatting..
and alot of junk food that i haven't been touching for years :D

and we took some random shots of our phones and kim's macbook air

check out our heelssss~
they're SMEXY!

kimmy acc me to school the 2nd day before having lunch with Daphne~

My mother picked us up at 12 during her lunch time and dropped us all for lunch in 1st avenue and we meet Daphne there :)
i changed in the toilet and we camwhore abit after i'm done cleaning myself up~

We had Kenny Rogers for lunch~

Me :)



check out my Fox fur on my bag hahaha!

i was kinda hungry so...yaaa haha!

Kim texting~

watching funny babies :D
seriously laughed my ass off!


Shy shy Daphne :D

Oh Starbucks & i-baby is <3

Me ;) I somehow look different here ~

Vain vain vain with Kim's Macbook :)

I love you guys! <3

Last but not lease, i would like to make a VERY VERY BAD comment for 1st Avenue's redbox. Their service sucks to the max! i booked a 3pm room at 1pm and i was late for 10-15 mins. and u know what the counter lady said to me? lets look at the conversation we had below~
Me: hey i booked a room at 3pm.
The ultimate rude worker: its already 3.15 ur room is cancelled.
Me: But i already booked it and u didn't even call to remind
The ultimate rude worker: ur late by 15 minutes.

I was late once in gurney for 45 mins, and the worker there change a new room right away for me. 1st Avenue's redbox rly sucks! never wanna go there ever again.


After exam outings~

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Exams officially over~
before exam's over, i had a small performance for my aunt's annual dinner for her society thingy..
and I was dancing to ALL the Britney Spears songs that i had learnt before so its kinda like a britney tribute ;)

Video will be up on my youtube channel soon~ :)
kinda lazy to upload now..haha
its been awhile since i hang out with all my lovelies~
coz all of us have exams
we meet up today :)
i had so much fun with them~ <3 we took tons of pic with my new pink cam~ and the quality rocks ;) okay lar this was taken by my phone lar...so the quality sucks haha :D


Yor she's so prettyyyy~ :D <3
Darling C <3

We're sexy and we know it ;)

Siao po with my new glasses :D

Junzhi acting cute OMG. D:


AWWW Reid with heart shapes :D


fried vege

we had alot of green green stuff ><
we shared a heart shape sandwich in sega~ <3 <3

Gelato with loves :)

me looking at ma hair~ haha

things that i got online are finally here!
okay i kinda got it personally from the person~ lol
heart shaped glasses! <3

new hat!

new fox fur!

oops! did i not tell you that i have a tail :P

once reached home...so so exhausted.
so good night every1! :)