After exam outings~

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Exams officially over~
before exam's over, i had a small performance for my aunt's annual dinner for her society thingy..
and I was dancing to ALL the Britney Spears songs that i had learnt before so its kinda like a britney tribute ;)

Video will be up on my youtube channel soon~ :)
kinda lazy to upload now..haha
its been awhile since i hang out with all my lovelies~
coz all of us have exams
we meet up today :)
i had so much fun with them~ <3 we took tons of pic with my new pink cam~ and the quality rocks ;) okay lar this was taken by my phone the quality sucks haha :D


Yor she's so prettyyyy~ :D <3
Darling C <3

We're sexy and we know it ;)

Siao po with my new glasses :D

Junzhi acting cute OMG. D:


AWWW Reid with heart shapes :D


fried vege

we had alot of green green stuff ><
we shared a heart shape sandwich in sega~ <3 <3

Gelato with loves :)

me looking at ma hair~ haha

things that i got online are finally here!
okay i kinda got it personally from the person~ lol
heart shaped glasses! <3

new hat!

new fox fur!

oops! did i not tell you that i have a tail :P

once reached so exhausted.
so good night every1! :)