Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween people! :)
I didn't exactly go to a Halloween party this year bcoz i aint feeling so well..
my monthly pain has arrived unexpectedly.
and my boyf is mean enough to leave me alone so ya :P
But i was thinking that halloween only happen once a year so i was trying on a halloween look even though i aint going no where HAHA. syiok sendiri..i know right?
Tried on a lion look, kinda failed..haha every1 says I look more like a kitty ><
these are pretty all i need for the look~

i'm pretty happy with the outcome~ :)
its a cute yet sexy look for halloween.


thanks to my beloved boyfie~ he pinkified my baby-i ♥
and i love it so much!!

And i was spending my empty time watching wizards online and sewing my pencil case with my initial on~ :)


2 new shoes in a week ;)
thankiew mommy for the new bling bling purple kicks~ ♥

thankiew boyf for the killer heels ♥


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