Its been awhile.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's been awhile since I updated my blog as I was having my final exam of the year! Omg..koyak all dy lar~ I tried my best >< So 2weeks of exam NEARLY ended, I have 1 more paper to go and I'm officially FREE! I've been imagining the things that I can do after exam..AND not forgetting even MORE activities once holiday started ;) But 1st, I gotta finish this Friday's addmaths paper which I will fail so bad. Ish FML == Before I finish my exams, my mother brought me to gurney and collect the camera we ordered 2weeks ago~ She "reserved" it coz she dun want me to be distracted during exam weekS. Sunce I left the only subject that I suck the most, she decided to collect it right today instead! :D So here it is! My beautiful HOT PINK Sony NEX C3D


  1. hey , can i noe how much is the whole set ?

  2. around 2500++ i'm not sure about the exact price coz my parents paid for them, but yea its definately around 2500+ if its new ~