Wedding dinner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Accompanied mom to her friend's daughter's wedding dinner..
usually i cant be bothered to attend because i hardly know that person, but my mom's friends can't attend and i went with her instead to keep her companied :)
and i know wedding dinner isn't a very interesting post to post about especially when u hardly know the couple, but i mainly posting about my pink hair...don't judge me! i love my pink hair kay? haha :D
i went to my hairstylist and they washed my hair with my pink extensions on, and it hurts like a bitch...i'm not even joking, it feels like ur scalp is gonna fall off anytime ><
and they lady was really nice, she gently blow dry my hair until it was nice and straight~
but when she comb my hair....
1 strand of pink hair fall off -.-
i think her hand quite keat if she can pull off something that is secure with metal...haha :D
but of course they put back for me lar~
after putting back on, she strats tonging my long hair :)
before curl~

after curled~

that not my bag, that's my mother's~
i couldn't be bothered to bring a bag since i have pockets in my tight skirt :D

this is my retarded face proving to my boyfie that i did not drink any beer/wine that night haha :D

i did mommy's make up and help her choose her outfit :)

Me and my vainesss ;)



Golden dance :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Me and our school's dance society represented our school for the penang state dance competition :)
and i met my old school's friends and also my primary school dancers which i never seen before coz i already left primary for four years and never go back ><
here's the pic of me with Hun bin dancers :)

here are the thai dancers from han jiang high school :)
i loveeeee their costumes and attire!!

alright, so the following photos are all the dancers from the dance society of cdk,
well of course not the whole entire dance society, just the chosen ones for the competition~
this is jianing~

this is yan shan~


Pei Jun~

im rly sorry but i forgot ur name ><
but i know u tho haha!

Wei yunn :) 1 of the best dancers, but very playful ><


i'm rly sorry but i never knew ur name aswell ><
i think its siu ling..? or smth lar haiyo ><

Yong ern~

My dear Jacqueline :) <3

er jie :)

Dajie :)



Crazy dancers behind the scenes~

Our splits :) but cant rly see lor~

I know what you're thinking when u sees this pic, u will think i'm disgusting and dirty to go play with my feet like some retard BUT its coz way before our dance, my tiny foot cramp so ya..i gotta massage it somehow to make my dance go smoothly :)
AND I have sanitizer lor!!! ><

Jacqueline's very very geng splits ;)

i even met my old school dancers, i miss them like so 123456787654323456765432 much!
they are stil the most awesome traditional dancers that i've work with, like even we don't always get gold prizes back then while i was in their team, but yet, they are great and really put more effort than the dancers i'm facing now >< i'm sorry i'm just telling the truth!
some of them are not here bcoz they quit and most of them graduated so...I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS! ♥

and the pic below is the new traditional dance team i'm dancing with from my new school :)
still in the process of being in my awesome list...because i think most of them hate me for being really strict during practice time...not my fault right?? we got gold prize lor excuse me. haha :D
okay lar not all of my hardwork, yeemay, jazz, jacqueline and da jie rly helped us alot too~ and the 1 who works even harder i think is our teacher in charge-- Pn Tan :) she rly tried giving us the best costume and find the best teacher for us and all~ thank youuuu <3

so the result for the dance comp is obviously written in the title "GOLDen dance"
its really unexpected lor i swear, from our last practice video which is the day before the comp, we stil sucks to the max..>< i guess they really did put some effort after seeing so many keat dancers from other schools...haha :D
that pretty much all about the dance competition :)
thanks for reading! ♥


Pink Hair.

Friday, November 18, 2011

From the last post, I mentioned that i'm getting pink hair the next day which is today~
And i finally got it done! it looks amazingly bright, its very meeee :D
i think the money i paid was totally worth it ♥
Here are the bright extentions~ :) so prettyyyy

It looks abit purple-ish coz there arent any lights shone on it~
*ignore my messy hair*

both side of the hair~

pink pink pink ♥

i'm luving it~
i also got a new fipflop electra in bronze, i almost got lilac or hot pink but boyfie said not okay lor i got this~ not bad also ;) i'll get the pink 1 when i'm in kay-elle
so much for a day!

i did went back to school for our last dance practice before tomorrow's big competition! i'm so nervous >< i hope we'll do our best and get a gold prize tml :D
this is my 1st and last year competing with CDK, and i'm the 1 in the middle which is a good thing for me, coz its my last year dancing with them...i hope we'll do great and better than usual :)
wish me luck!
baby having badminton comp tomorrow too, and I feel really bad for not going there to support him on the spot..:( I will pray hard for him!! Good luck biebie ♥


Pimping my gadgets :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recently i'm really inspired by certain bloggers like xiaxue that pimps her gadgets and all, so i also pimped some of my things,
some of them not considered as pimping, more like blinging~ haha
i bought some swarovski crystals, and i stuck them onto a pearl bracelet than i recently got~ :)

i also spent my whole night blinging my pink rose mirror and i'm satisfied with the outcome :)

i spent around 3 days sewing my name and also blinging my pencil case :)

my boyfie bought a new bumper for me and by this week i'm going to bling it abit with the pink and white Swarovski crystals i got~

by using a few bling bling materials, i have created identity for my gadgets and stuff :) haha

if u say i'm too free or whatever, than yup, i am too free so i only do these shits haha LOL but i really enjoy doing it, i think its fun~ and also artistic haha :D