Pimping my gadgets :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recently i'm really inspired by certain bloggers like xiaxue that pimps her gadgets and all, so i also pimped some of my things,
some of them not considered as pimping, more like blinging~ haha
i bought some swarovski crystals, and i stuck them onto a pearl bracelet than i recently got~ :)

i also spent my whole night blinging my pink rose mirror and i'm satisfied with the outcome :)

i spent around 3 days sewing my name and also blinging my pencil case :)

my boyfie bought a new bumper for me and by this week i'm going to bling it abit with the pink and white Swarovski crystals i got~

by using a few bling bling materials, i have created identity for my gadgets and stuff :) haha

if u say i'm too free or whatever, than yup, i am too free so i only do these shits haha LOL but i really enjoy doing it, i think its fun~ and also artistic haha :D


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