Pink Hair.

Friday, November 18, 2011

From the last post, I mentioned that i'm getting pink hair the next day which is today~
And i finally got it done! it looks amazingly bright, its very meeee :D
i think the money i paid was totally worth it ♥
Here are the bright extentions~ :) so prettyyyy

It looks abit purple-ish coz there arent any lights shone on it~
*ignore my messy hair*

both side of the hair~

pink pink pink ♥

i'm luving it~
i also got a new fipflop electra in bronze, i almost got lilac or hot pink but boyfie said not okay lor i got this~ not bad also ;) i'll get the pink 1 when i'm in kay-elle
so much for a day!

i did went back to school for our last dance practice before tomorrow's big competition! i'm so nervous >< i hope we'll do our best and get a gold prize tml :D
this is my 1st and last year competing with CDK, and i'm the 1 in the middle which is a good thing for me, coz its my last year dancing with them...i hope we'll do great and better than usual :)
wish me luck!
baby having badminton comp tomorrow too, and I feel really bad for not going there to support him on the spot..:( I will pray hard for him!! Good luck biebie ♥


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