Wedding dinner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Accompanied mom to her friend's daughter's wedding dinner..
usually i cant be bothered to attend because i hardly know that person, but my mom's friends can't attend and i went with her instead to keep her companied :)
and i know wedding dinner isn't a very interesting post to post about especially when u hardly know the couple, but i mainly posting about my pink hair...don't judge me! i love my pink hair kay? haha :D
i went to my hairstylist and they washed my hair with my pink extensions on, and it hurts like a bitch...i'm not even joking, it feels like ur scalp is gonna fall off anytime ><
and they lady was really nice, she gently blow dry my hair until it was nice and straight~
but when she comb my hair....
1 strand of pink hair fall off -.-
i think her hand quite keat if she can pull off something that is secure with metal...haha :D
but of course they put back for me lar~
after putting back on, she strats tonging my long hair :)
before curl~

after curled~

that not my bag, that's my mother's~
i couldn't be bothered to bring a bag since i have pockets in my tight skirt :D

this is my retarded face proving to my boyfie that i did not drink any beer/wine that night haha :D

i did mommy's make up and help her choose her outfit :)

Me and my vainesss ;)



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