Baby triplets 1st birthday ♥

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby triplets had finally turn 1 years old!!! So happy neh :)
We throwed a big party for them in their house and my cousin bro even got the baby boys adorable Lamborghini's tee and as for the baby girl, he got her a pink dress! The day before the celebration, I slept over at their place and I helped my aunt to take care of them~
They are super adorableeeee love them so much!! ♥
this is their green tea birthday cake :)

Their big family :)

My another cousin's daughter, Jia Jia's birthday is also near so they all celebrated together :)
Look how happy is Jia Jia clapping her hand! Sooooooo cute ♥

This is part of my family :)

Like father, like daughter ;) same face leh!

Me n Jia Jia :)

Me and Wei Wei :) this is the 2nd brother of the triplets~ so skinny for a baby ><

my awesome cousin sisters ♥

Chilling with them :)

I look evil..ignore me in this picture coz my cousins look good hahah :D

From my last post about Beijing, there's a picture of me with a furry panda hat thingy right?
Well, my parents bought 10 of those hat at 1 shot for my nephews and nieces :D
Yes yes... I have nephew and nieces...shows that I'm starting to get older ><
Anyway, those hat has different designs, like angryg bird, bear, and rabbit too!
When my cousins saw me holding those hats walking around giving kids as if I'm Santa Claus, they actually borrowed it from me and took pics >< damn adorable !
Look look! Haha :D
Can u imagine this woman give birth to 2 kids? She still remains in good shape and still so pretty :D

naughty naughty niece and nephew fooling around upstairs ;)

Alright, so this is the end of my post on triplets birthday celebration, I can't rly post about my detailed Beijing trip yet coz some of the pictures aren't downloaded into my phone and most of the pics are in my boyf's camera coz new borrowed it to me~ and I dunno how to get it into my computer so ya.. Will post about it later :)


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