China trip part 1

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Daddy had been away for almost half a year so me and mommy decided to visit him in China for the first time and also spend our holidays there :)
A few posts ago, I briefly talk about what I do with my family in the trip so I'm gonna go detail in this 1 and post more photos when I was there~
We visited the forbidden city, and it's an ancient palace that the Chinese king lives in, it's so huge that it's called a city D:
We took the subway there, and GOD! China has a lot of people! Don't even know where they come from and where they're going to ><
I got ready in the hotel, and I decided that my hello kitty glasses would finish up my look for the day :D

wore many layers as it will be super cold outside coz it's nearly winter~

The ones that gave me life

Mommy dearest!

Daddy :)

Weeeee~happy family :)

Remember the really cute nada hat? I bought them from these stalls in the forbidden city for like really good price ;)

After daddy got us our tickets, we stroll around to take random shots of the city and the ancient buildings :)

this is where the emperor used to sit!!

We ran across a really "poofed" up kitty!! Soooo cuteeeee!

We also had some treats ;) I specially love these 2 photos!

Almost every night, we have dinner in the hotel's restaurants and those restaurants are like rated five stars!
And the food were freaking amazing :D

P/s: The next post will be about the great wall of china and shopping!! ;)

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