China trip part 2.

Friday, December 23, 2011

From my last post, u guys would know that I visited the forbidden city etc.
After visiting the forbidden city in high heel boots, both me and my mother's foot can't stand walking in high heels out Nymore, especially when it's winter! So we both got a pair of new boots that is actually flt, but mine has a hidden heel so I look taller hahaha :D
We did visited some other malls and places but most of them are shopping malls so I didn't bother to snap a lot of pics~
I'm living the salad and the sandwich that I order almost everyday for breakfast, and the best part is, I dun even have to walk down to the restaurant, I just order room service ;)

So our next trip is the great wall of china, everybody that one to china have to at lease visit the forbidden city and the great wall, because it's famous and also 1 of the oldest building for now~
Got dressed up and ready to go!

these are pretty much pictures of the malls that we visited for the day,
This is a four stories adidas building!

Uniqlo ♥

daddy brought us to a Japanese restaurant at night, to have beef steamboat ;)
I'm loving the beef! Soooo yummy ♥

The shoes daddy got me ♥ pink pink!

And than we just walk around snap random pics ;)

Very productive day ;D hahaha

P/s: too many pic taken in the great wall of china, so decided to split shopping and great wall into 2 posts :)


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