China trip part 3.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This post will be all about my trip to great wall~ nothing much to describe the building but old ><
We took the cable car there~ and the view is spectacular!
It was really cold there like negative degrees!! ><
And a day before that, it actually snowed in bejing, so when we reach the great wall on the 2nd day, there were bits of snow covered on the car, roof top and floor :D some 1 even slipped ><
There's pretty much nothing there~ but I found something that interest me,
There's a giant slide that delivers people from the top of the great wall to the ground! It's like soooo freaking long ><

Haiya I know I look very fugly with the cap lar >< but it's seriously cold there >< no choice!

Rocking in my new Nike ;)

That's pretty much for the great wall~
We also visited this street called "Wang fu jing" it's like bintang walk just bigger :D


Nike shoes DDD:::

guardian...? Hahaha

snoopy shop! Reminded me of someone ♥

once reached hotel, vain with baby's camera ;p

goodnight! ♥


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