On my way to Beijing ♥

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alright, so i'm on my way to Beijing on the plane :)
its gonna be a 6 hours flight sooo...
there will be SOME vaining,
and of course, my pinky-ipod accompanied me all the time~
my pink ipod and pink sweater :)

the food served for lunch :)...not too bad lar~

orange juice and red wine to keep me warm :)

Mommy dearest ♥

and mwa~ :)

i finally learnt some of the awesome photoshop skills so.. i kinda tried out with this ugly pic of mine~ but turns out to be horrendous aswell XD

the 2nd day, we headed to the forbidden city~
that place is hugeeeee D:

daddy :))

we fell in loved with that thing, i dunno what its called but its NICEEE :D

And of course shopping~! ;)

Uniqlo~ :)

4stories adidas :D

act cute in front of the Benefit thats opening soon XD


thats all for now ;)
update soon ♥