Holiday Nail Tutorial !

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alright guys for today I'll be sharing a holiday nail tutorial with you guys,
and this is basically inspired by my galaxy shoes that I had painted,
you can also click here for the tutorial that I had previously posted.
I don't know about you guys, but to me, galaxy prints are like a "thing" now right?
its so special yet the designs are pretty complex.
but its actually pretty simple to paint as long as you used the right colours~
Soooo.... Let's begin ! :D

Step 1: Trim and clean nails
So I've cut my nails into a more squarish shape, I've also cleaned them and cut the cuticles on the sides so that the dead skins wont gross the whole look :D

Step 2: Selecting base colour
I've selected black colour as my bas colour right after I've painted my layer of base coat~
reason is because galaxy skies are always dark right ? so black is the most suitable colour for base.

Step 3: Paint Milky way
So I've selected a few colours for the milky way, I'll list it down here as I didn't have a picture of it.
1. Silvery light pink
2. Dark matte pink
3. Dark shimmery purple
4. Electric blue
5. Shimmery turquoise

You're gonna need to use cutips to draw the milky way.
same method as the galaxy shoe, I paint from the lightest colour first and layer on the darker colours later~
I've used a plate for me to drop small drops of nail polishes so that its easier to work with

first off, I used cutips to paint the silvery light pink for my milky way
it doesn't have to be perfect because there will be layers of colours later on.
It supposedly looks like this-->

Next, using the same cutips method, 
dab the hot pink nail polish on the border of the light pink and black base~


Next, using the same method again, dab on the shimmery dark purple on the parts where its near to the black base~ 

I know it looks pretty messy now, but it'll look better after we add in the blues~

Next, dab the electric blue randomly on the milky way.

than dab this shimmery turquoise on top of the electric blue~
if your electric blue is already shiny, than you can skip this step

Step 3 : Top Coat 
Lastly, top off with a clear shimmery top coat to represent the stars !!

And you're done !!! ❤
pretty simple isn't it??
Just keep layering the coloursss :D ❤

I'm now ready for Christmas ! Are you? :D
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I'll talk to you guys soon ! 
Byeee ❤

Uh-oh ♡♥

So I've been lost for a few days again, mainly is because I was preparing for my online boutique's launching ;)
Yes, me, I own a online boutique now together with Jeanteen.
So please do check out and like our facebook page Uh-Oh Closet 
most of our stocks are chosen by me so I definitely make sure that materials are all in good quality ~
not gonna elaborate much now :)
so here are some of the current stocks and a print screen pic of our page~

Silky black studded skirt. 

Studded black outter

Available in white too

Wings big round tee

 Available in green too

Long transparent top

Studded collar top

Photos are all taken at Kim's new house and also taken by her as my boyf ain't free to help me shoot.
her photos are amazing aswell, you guys can go check out her blog by clicking on her name that I had linked.

We've only been launched for a day and we had sold a few pieces of items out :D
and to the customers that had supported US,
you have no idea how much this means to both me & Jeanteen !!
we promise to bring in more pretty clothings and accessories for you guys ! 
so stay tuned girls ! :D

not to mention, 
we're also selected as Vogue Clinic's featured online boutique ! 
how awesome is that? ? :D
do support Vogue clinic too !!
what is Vogue Clinic ? 
It was named FOTD, if you remembered, I actually posted a post about it weeks ago.
you can click here to view that post.
So again, Vogue Clinic is basically a page where they share about fashion and there will be a few famous bloggers featured as their fashionista's too !  
Their fashionista's included, Povy, Missyanda, Ashley Lau, & not forgetting, your's sincerely, ME. :D
So if you're a fashion lover, you could not missed out LIKING their page ;) 

Thank you once again for making Uh-Oh-Closet as featured online boutique 

Once again, thank you all so much for the support,
I really am very touched~
For opening my very first online store with my bestie I really am afraid of those
"What if people don't buy?"
"What if people thinks that I model like a horse?"
"What if ......."
but thanks to all your love and support, I finally overcome the fear~
and definitely thanks to my boyf for fetching me everywhere, give suggestions and will be helping me with shootings and my mom & dad to support me on the $$, also to my partner Jean, who always check out on the mails because my line is that bad. hahaha :D
So yeaaaah ! that is the little surprise I had prepared for you readers long gone,
remember to LIKE my online boutique store and also follow us on instagram @uh_oh_closet
for the latest updates~
for more info's about our store, you can send me or Jeanteen facebook messages at Jxhia Wong or Jean Teen :)

Goodnight guys ! 

Hypocrite much ?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alright from the title, and my instagram updates, you guys would've probably guessed what's today's post is gonna be about.
Yes. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note II instead of iphone5.
Yes. I'm a hypocrite, for disliking Samsung company previously and was a pro apple fan.
No. I did not mention that I hate Samsun Galaxy Note series, I only hated on Galaxy S series.
No. I didn't leave apple, I still equally loves apple.

So what hits me to make me buy a new phone this time ?
first thing first, my phone is retarded, because I cracked the screen once and of course got it fixed,
but its sensitivity is abit off, and the speaker is retarded when I receive phone calls.
The reason why I chose Samsung Note II is because I wanted to try something new,
Iphones are practically the same, besides the speed, IOS, and camera.
the other features and technically the same.
and this time, iphone 5 didn't improved as much as iphone3 to iphone 4.
Back than when I change my i3 to i4 is because it has a front camera, and the shape has changed,
also, the white version of i3 and i4 is obviously different.
this time, the only thing I see different in i5 is the length, and speed.
the features and everything, is still the same~ so I don't see why I wanna spend another 2k on another same phone lar.
if you still wanna say me hypocrite I still can't stop you so, go ahead -.-

so here it issss!
PS: sorry for the bad quality images down there ! I borrowed my camera to my bestie so I had to substitute this with my iphone :/

this is how huge it is.
some people dislike it because its too big,
but thats the whole point of creating Galaxy note series~
" Biggest smart phone, smallest tablet "

The best part of the phone is the S pen !
its so easier for us to write things and handle things with the S pen ! :D
By pressing the button on the S pen and press gently on the screen, we can even print screen !
Besides that, we can air view pictures, videos and even messages !

One of my favourite feature is Multi-screening~
we can do 2 things at the same time :D
I can tweet and watch videos at the same time nowww ! so convenient !!!
Chioooo or what?

I got my cover from
it is pastel turquoise on the inside, with some pockets on the side to keep our IC, money etc. 
convenient to go out without a bag~ 

It is pastel pink on the outside :))

 So please don't come all " you can't wait for iphone 5 ar ?" with me.
this is my choice, my choice doesn't have to be same as yours isn't it?
I have the rights to choose for myself.
I know what's best for me ;)

So have you heard? its 12.12.12 today~
and also 10th monthsary for me and my booo!
counting down 8 days to our little sweet escape  

Thankyou for reading this post everybody ! 
hope you have a wonderful 12.12.12 today :D
Sorry for my ultimate vainess~
Lollipop given by santarina Shermaine!
Good night 

November Shopping Haul ❤

Sunday, December 9, 2012

November is kind of over for 10 days already, and me slacking as always just finished clearing up all the old reference books, junks, unwanted clothings etc etc ... from my room.
And if you had been following my blog, you would know that I'm a 17 year old soon-to-be 18 teenager that suffered through SPM during the whole month of November, so I only get to post about a small haul on what I got during that tragic month of mine right now.
Stressed. Yes, the best word to describe a SPM student,
just because of that 1 word "STRESSED"
I got myself a little bit something just to release myself a lil bit :D
not much..just abit ;)

So, my friends and I were chatting in the middle of the night during 1 of those exam days and they suggested me to get something from this online store [Taobao] that they always shop at.
and than 1 of them which is Jean ❤ promised to help me order and get the parcel because its all the way from other china~ [ I guys would be like pfft. MADE IN CHINA just like her! HAHA! but I trust my very own taste, so even if its from china, I believe I can still pull off the look ;) ]
so I got myself a pair of shoes and 2 bags !

So below here is the shoe that I chose, its a Jeffrey Campbell inspired boots~
I actually planned to get another 1 with sharp studs on the back side but I was afraid that I wouldn't wear out and its pretty hard to match with all my floral goods.
this 1 is simple, tall enough, and the best part is, it is velvet base, very comfortable to wear all day !
I wore this out once to watch hubby's beat box competition just because I wanted a "BETTER VIEW" if you get what I meant.

Next is the 2 bags that I've got,
this 1 is more of a vintage feel bag~
Vintage goods are a must have nowadays, so I just had to grab this piece !

Check out the beautiful details on the opening of the bag !!

The other clutch that I've got is a totally different style compared to the 1st bag,
this is more punk-ish~ with the fake pvc leather base and diamond skull details.
great for dinners and events, because its not too small and it doesn't have a fixed shape.
so if I wanna bring out my semi-dslr, huge phone, purse, makeups... etc. this is a perfect clutch.
because for what I know, most clutches have a fixed shape which doesn't provide us enough space for camera and make up that pretty much gives me headache when I'm trying to look for a perfect clutch to dinner.

The main thing that I absolutely loveeeee about this clutch, is that we can hold it like this --> 

Next, I got some new accessories ~
bought these 3 random ring, my favourite would be the skull with heart shaped eyes and rose head band :D
reminded me of Lazy Bone !
and if you're wondering wth is the weird freaky looking golden hands stuff beside,
those are actually collar clips~
I've bee looking for them soooooo long and I finally got my hands on them !

it works like this,
this is the view of the clip from the back with a screw,

we're suppose to unscrew the screw until the inside is hollow like so,

than insert our collar into the hollow places, and screw them back on~
than tadaaaaa !
it makes our boring collar tee looks more interesting with a touch of glamour ;)

Not forgetting these babes, 
I got 2 pairs of studded ear studs from a friend, Nicole.
1 pair in silver and the other with gold, 
I adoreeeeeee these ear studs, I wear them out alot every since I got my hands on them ! 

Last but not least !
Thanks to Chialynn's sister, Chiayi,
she helped me got these hot looking babes from Naked Kimchii !
I've been craving for Naked Kimchii's boots and shoes !!!
and I finally got a pair of high bottom converse inspired! ❤❤❤

Okay, the last time when I got my acrylic paints, my friends showed me Sasa's promotion booklet,
and I spotted Dolly wink's promotion, with any receipt of dolly wink lashes,
Sasa will give out a Tsubasa Matsuwaka's file !!!! D: D: D:
Tsubasa is the inspiration for gyaru fashion & makeup !
how can you not love her? how can I not support Dolly Wink right? :D
so I got a pair of her new dolly lashes, and get myself the file :D
look how gorgeous she isssssss ❤❤❤
she is petite sized like me too ! only 150++ cm :D

I also got this cute black studded cap !

I got it together with my cousin sister, Jing when she was back in penang~
we had a great time shopping ! looking forward to shop with her again :D

Also got a galaxy top from Jean !!! ❤❤❤

My cuteeeeeee bestie ❤❤❤

Thats pretty much it for my haul, 
was working in Queensbay as a promoter for samsung in celcom~
met a few new friends, and I had a great time working ! totally out of my expectations ! 
I thought I will end up tired and boring but NO ! :D

Met hotties santarina's! 
Shermaine & Verlene ❤

thanks for reading once again you guys ❤
remember to follow me on twitter, instagram & nuffnangX if you haven't @jxhia