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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I believe if you guys are into make up and beauty stuff like I do,
You might search YouTube or google for Internet makeup gurus to learn some "skills" from them.
And recently I had been discussing about it with my cousin sister Jean,
And we both did check out a few more famous bloggers and YouTube gurus,
and even though they are all from different countries but I bet you had heard of them,
They are pretty famous.
The first YouTube makeup guru that inspired me to makeup is Michelle Phan

She was awarded for the most subscribed gurus on YouTube and it was rly something that I give full props to.

her videos are really fun to watch as she likes creating different looks and themes.
She doesn't only teaches us how to make up but also dress up along with the look she'd created.
Most of her make up are either too dark or the colors are too bright,
And mostly unwearable for normal days or casual wear,
like I remember her very first video that I watch was this "Lady Gaga" poker face tutorial~

And there was one where she was all dressed up as a vampire~
And her make up was rly rly dark~ it's obviously unwearable, but it was 1 of my favourite video of hers.
I even tried out this look for Halloween and I was pretty impressed with the outcome :p

This one below was just her improvising on the spot for a contest she had held,
And I remembered it was some animal theme and she was a zebra haha :D
I couldn't find the link for this 1 though

Through michelle phan's Disney princesses make up tutorial, I get to know Wendy, AKA Xiaxue.
She's a very famous Singaporean blogger that was just awarded "best regional blog" and "most influenced blog" from NAPBAS last year,
She is by far my favourite blogger and YouTube guru,
She is also under click network tv, shooting her "Xiaxue's guide to life" which I'm a big fan of!
She's somehow aggressive but cute at the same time,
And the way she swears is just so hilarious and funny, her videos never fail to make me laugh.

u'll definitely love xiaxue if ur a "PINK" fan and like a harajuku, Japanese baby doll look ish kinda girl.

She also like "BLINGING" her stuff and gadgets with crystals and those rly make her things appear to be more girlier!

Sometimes she also does advertorials for some of the products and those are mostly on here blog~
And I found some of the products she recommended are pretty useful, her blog is very informative aswell.

And the interesting part about her is, she is super daring,
I've already think she was supa brave to blonde her hair because she's Asian and it would be attention seeking
But after a while, she dyed her hair PINK! Yes Pink, no joke D:
Respect that.

And through Xiaxue's blog, I get to know dawn yang.
She had something between xiaxue which I don't know what,
Somehow like a conflict in between them~
Both of them had plastic surgery,
Xiaxue admitted that she had done it and wasn't afraid to tell the world about it, but as for dawn yang, she didn't exactly wanna admit or she was hiding it from the world..? I have no idea but I would say I'm abit of a bias, so I'm not a big fan of her..haha
I would admit that she is 1 of the prettiest girl I've seen before tho, despite the attitude

I actually knew her before reading Xiaxue's blog but I wasn't so interested in knowing her that time,
I saw her liese hair tutorial vid and I think she was gorgeous! At some point, I really admired her.

she also sells clothings online and I think it's called "Lexi Lyla"
She is really successful, recently I've visited her blog and she held a fashion show for the clothings~
So maybe she don't only have a pretty face :)

I like using my iPad and go YouTube marathon all day,
So I came acrossed another make up guru, Jen, AKA from head to toe.
She also has a blog :)
She's a Korean YouTube guru that teaches lighter wearable make up that I love watching,
She's just soooo sweet and she is rly skinny!

Her videos are all fun to watch and most of them are everyday looks~ <3

I believe that if you're gorgeous or some rly good singer, u'll get famous easily,
Coz most of the ppl nowadays, will "share" it to Facebook and another person would do the same.
Through Facebook "sharings" I saw a vid of this girl AKA kotakoti.
She is rly like a life Barbie doll! With big googooly doll-ish eyes and skinny body~

I don't rly watch all her videos though, I just think that 1 of her vid is most shared on Facebook recently.

So when I'm free, I like being lifeless like reading other famous blogger's blog,
Or go YouTube marathoning with my iPad~
I use to do these 2 all day long but I can hardly be as free already -.-
I am only free during weekends or holidays because now I'm finally 17,
I'm sitting for my SPM this year which is kinda stressing me out a lot ><
Oh well, try my best? Fcuk school. -.-
Oh and by the way, I linked all of these blogger's site on their names, so if the color is different u can actually click on them to directly enter their site but some of the wordings just different color, u can't click them lol. Thanks for reading neeway. ♥


Cousins is ♥

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Went out with cousins on nian chu er :)
spent some quality time with them shopping in the gardens and mid valley~
and outfit of the day issss~
my favourite new year clothing of all, vintage-ish floral shirt!

i also got my new purse from my favourite brand,
cute max!

we had a rough time dicussing about what to have for lunch,
and in the end we decided to go to sushi tei instead~
sashimi is ♥

cousinsss ♥
sorry this pic is kinda funny lar but oh well..its not on fb so its okay right? haha!

iphone cousin crew ;)

I really forgot to take my camera out to vain so this is pretty much all i've got hahaha!


1st Day of CNY ♥

Monday, January 23, 2012

The night before it was officially CNY,
I stood outside of my aunt's house in Klang with my camera,
waiting to enjoy the loud bombing noises and beautiful colourful sparks in the sky~
once its midnight, the whole klang is like about to blow off by all the fireworks :D
I did took a few nice pics of the fire works :)
this is actually 1 of my favourite shots of the night ;)
so artistic..maybe some pro photographers will be so pissed at me for taking shitty pictures and still call it my favourite shot..haha! aiyar, let me syiok sendiri!

when i take these 2 pic, i was kind of scared..coz its right above me ><
i scared later they burn my hair haha!

niece and nephews playing with some small type of firecrackers,
scared of it but wanna play..haha so cute!

on the 2nd day, i was dressed very pink-ly and i wore my starbucks cloths haha~

and may i introduce u to the *ahem* Mindee face :D
hahaha! i learnt that from her, of coz she looks cuter when she does it lar..

visited aunt's house and "chill" there chit chat alil hahaha
they set the firecrackers outside

my lovely family :)

Skyped with daddy on nian chu yi :)
spent a lil time with daddy on CNY ♥

i also visited those litle mosters before they left for kelantan!
love them soooooo much !

this is blurry but soooo cute!

i actually wanted to post a photo of me and this girl here,
i'm rly tempted to, because i'm soooo curious,
but anyways, whoever wears contact lense and a generous amount of blusher will definately look cute right?
i'm not gonna lie, just give me time to heal my skin and i'll come back and beat u with NONE OF THOSE ;)
because i'm just cool like that~ *peace*