1st Day of CNY ♥

Monday, January 23, 2012

The night before it was officially CNY,
I stood outside of my aunt's house in Klang with my camera,
waiting to enjoy the loud bombing noises and beautiful colourful sparks in the sky~
once its midnight, the whole klang is like about to blow off by all the fireworks :D
I did took a few nice pics of the fire works :)
this is actually 1 of my favourite shots of the night ;)
so artistic..maybe some pro photographers will be so pissed at me for taking shitty pictures and still call it my favourite shot..haha! aiyar, let me syiok sendiri!

when i take these 2 pic, i was kind of scared..coz its right above me ><
i scared later they burn my hair haha!

niece and nephews playing with some small type of firecrackers,
scared of it but wanna play..haha so cute!

on the 2nd day, i was dressed very pink-ly and i wore my starbucks cloths haha~

and may i introduce u to the *ahem* Mindee face :D
hahaha! i learnt that from her, of coz she looks cuter when she does it lar..

visited aunt's house and "chill" there chit chat alil hahaha
they set the firecrackers outside

my lovely family :)

Skyped with daddy on nian chu yi :)
spent a lil time with daddy on CNY ♥

i also visited those litle mosters before they left for kelantan!
love them soooooo much !

this is blurry but soooo cute!

i actually wanted to post a photo of me and this girl here,
i'm rly tempted to, because i'm soooo curious,
but anyways, whoever wears contact lense and a generous amount of blusher will definately look cute right?
i'm not gonna lie, just give me time to heal my skin and i'll come back and beat u with NONE OF THOSE ;)
because i'm just cool like that~ *peace*


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