Friday, January 6, 2012

Well look, a year back, I wrote about 2011,
It seemed like I just started blogging not long ago and now it's the 2nd year already and I'm gonna hit 18thousand viewers soon thanks to u guys ;)
Last year, I mentioned many things changed and were gone.
2011 version: Lara's gone, uec gone, ningabell gone, he is gone.
This year I expected it to be so much better.. But I guess it's kinda still in the same situation..
But look, Ning is back In a week time!
Lara's back temporary and we get to celebrate my 17th birthday together..
uec, is still gone haha :D thank god.
I didn't wish to be in the same situation as last year, sop I don't wish him to come back.
And last year after he left, I met u.
U gave me happiness, you're always there for me, never doubt on me, even if I do something wrong that hurts u, u will stil take it as if nothing happened..
But I crossed the line this time and hurt u deep right down..
I'm so shitty aren't I?
I always doubt u, I'm never really there for u, I disappointed u three times, I always make u worried...
I'm just an ass.
And now I realized that I'm such an ass that's don't even think I deserve to gets back..
For all my life, I wished that I would meet some1 just like u, and I did.
But I let u down, and myself down.
2 years, we've known each others for just 2 years and there's already so many ups and downs caused by me..I truly am sorry..
But it's okay now, I think u might have already found some1 new and moved on..
Whatever it is I'll be happy for u. :')
2012, will just be as shitty as 2011, but maybe better~
I know most of my posts have pics and less wordings, but hey, I gotta talk about my feelings once in a year on this place too~

I dreamed to dance and fall in love.
I succeed in being a dancer,
Fall in love too, but I guess...nobody's there to catch me anymore..


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